Beginning through advance Didion Athletics offer professional grade tumbling for all ages.   Whether you are leaning a cartwheel or a layout full twist we have the staff and equipment to help you accomplish your goals.   Needing a backhand spring for tryouts or just wanting to land a stand tuck, we have your back.   Didion Athletics strive to provide the latest techniques, drills and skills for a solid tumbling foundation and progression.    Our coaches are certified and trained to safely spot your child needs.

Beginning Tumbling

Starting ages 3+ beginning tumbling is awsome for girls/boys interested in cheerleading or having an interest in tumbling just for fun.   Beginner skills age broken down into smaller worker able parts for bigger skill building.  We use the latest techniques, drills and skills for learning.   Classes are provided in a fun friendly, safety oriented, positive

professional    atmospheres.  

Pre-Intermediate Tumbling

In pre-intermediate tumbling we focus on fine tuning beginner tumbling skills.  We focus on form, technique and body posters.   Having a solid fundamental foundation of skill will give  the tools needed to be a great tumbler.      

Intermediate Tumbling

Intermediate tumbling are for kids who accomplished running round offs, can do a back bend kick over and who can successfully perform a back hand spring on the floor.   Intermediate tumbler's will be working on there running round off back handsprings, tucks, aerials, punch fronts and more.

Advance Tumbling

Advance tumblers must have accomplished a running round offs BHS tuck or lay, can do a running front walk over or punch front.  Advance tumblers will be working on their sanding tucks or fulls, working on lays, fulls and or double fulls.