Tumbling is both a fun and exciting way to stay active and provides  a strong foundation for a variety of sports.  Our tumbling classes are devoted to developing versatile tumbling skills with an initial goal of performing back handsprings.  Depending on experience level, students will be separated into our Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced classes.

Tumbling is an essential ingredient of any cheer-leading routine.

Beginner students will be safely introduced to proper technique as they develop the strength and flexibility needed for safe tumbling and basic back-hand-springs.

Intermediates will build from their current back-hand-spring knowledge as they work towards rounding-off back-hand-springs with consistency and implementing additional skills.

Advanced students, with fluency in back-hand-springs, will be working towards connecting several skills in series, i.e. back tucks, layouts, full twists, and more complex skills.